Better Power Time

You know, that nice lady on the television is right: we SHOULD be making more of an effort to make solar power part of our lives. She says it with such gusto, as well. I’m sure that behind the scenes, she’s just on-fire for the cause. It’s the only way she could be so convincing. I might be getting on a bit in years, but I’m not going to take the attitude that I’ll be gone soon and it doesn’t matter what we do. Some folks from my generation have been doing a lot to fill up the oceans with all sorts of nasty things, chopping down trees, smogging up the sky…we need to all group up.

Goodness, I know things have advanced, but that special program they created on solar power was full of long words. What’s a commercial solar power calculator? I really don’t know, so it’s time to get on the google. I wonder what to type in to find out? I know what all the words mean, of course…commercial, solar power, and calculator. But all those things together is Greek to me. I suppose if you’re getting power from the sun, it’s a way of telling how much you’ve got? I wonder how much solar power is too much? As in, I’d imagine once you have too much solar power, your panels break because they’re full. Like…too much water in a bottle. Or maybe they just start spilling over, so you have to look up before you leave the house otherwise some solar energy might fall on your head.

That’s my best guess, anyway. I think it’s very wonderful and fantastical, all this huge push for 100kw solar systems here in Melbourne. Heaven knows that we need to protect this planet from harmful things, and thanks to that nice young girl with her lovely smile and passion for solar energy, I think we’ll be just fine.