Dealbreaker: House Moves

In the next year the biggest deal of my career is set to go ahead. So far, it looks extremely positive with no major and very few minor hiccups. I was told all along to prepare for the worst. I have read all the files and heard all the evidence, deals of this size fall through more often than they complete. I had done everything in my power to not get excited. I had barely looked at the blueprints for the redevelopments and I had even resisted drawing up potential statement pieces. After countless meeting in the south east of Melbourne, property conveyancing is a specialty over there apparently, I finally got a call from the conveyancer saying it is 99% complete and there are just a few small technical issues to go through before we can sign off. As I hung up that call I picked up the corkscrew and headed for the most expensive bottle of wine in the house, albeit in absolute terms it’s in the cheap range relative to what I normally drink it’s a real triumph.

I phoned my father who told me not to celebrate until that 100% is given, anything can go wrong at the last hurdle he told me and then just as I was about to go and cry he managed to whisper a congratulations. Never before has anyone been so excited to go and sign contracts with a conveyancing solicitor in Melbourne at 7am in the morning. I basically didn’t sleep that entire night. On my way there I had a little voice in my head telling me it could still fall through, I could be about to hear that one of owners has backed out last minute. Before I got out the car I pulled down the mirror and spoke confidently to myself about my successes. I walked in with stride. Smiles on all the conveyancers faces, that’s good isn’t it? It is!