Free to Design

I’m enrolled in a design course, but still not totally convinced about what to design. You can design a lot of things, but I’m not feeling like I want to gravitate towards cat clothing. I’ve yet to be convinced that cats actually want to wear clothes…or any animal, for that matter. I’ve seen animals at county fairs all dressed up- cows in hats, pigs in waistcoats, sheepdogs in custom-made work jeans- and none of them seem very happy. Clothing is a human thing.

But I don’t feel interested in designing clothes for humans, either. I want something a little more industrial, like kitchen design. Melbourne based companies doing that stuff are taking off at the moment, so might as well see how fast I can jump on the bandwagon, get a job, become famous and eventually get invited to parties with the Prime Minister and movie stars, all because I design kitchens like a world-class pro. Or, if the kitchen design market is too crowded, I’ll go for something more niche. Like…laundry design. It’s a less-seen room, especially by visitors, so that makes it more of a niche market. But if you can FIND that niche, then you’ll find folks willing to contract your services. You just have to be really good. Once word gets around you’re set. 

Design feels right, for me. Feels like it’s what I’m meant to be doing, at long last. I was looking through all my sketchbooks last night and wondering how I always managed to stash this away as some sort of hobby that would never amount to anything. I can do something with it, at least I THINK I can. Maybe I’ll be designing living rooms. Or I’ll be a famous kitchen designer. Or…waistcoats for cats. It’s only my first day of the course; maybe I’ll choose cat waistcoats as my major. I can choose anything I want to do.