Landscaping experts know more

When it comes to gardens, I am what you would call a layperson. I have no special skills or talents to speak of. As the saying goes, I am a jack-of-some-trades or however it’s worded. I may have no particular talents but I love what I do, and everything I do I put in maximum effort.

That’s true for my latest venture, which was a garden landscaping idea that I had for my Dad’s backyard. It’s just been us for a few years now, and while I don’t like to subscribe to gender stereotypes, neither of us are particularly good in the garden. I have never had much of an interest in plants in general. A cactus even died in my bedroom one summer (how does that even happen?), and so I thought I’d never be able to have a proper garden.

Since that day, I have realised that if I want a nice garden I have to work hard for it. I would need a little help obviously so I got in touch with professional landscapers. Melbourne North is one of those up and coming suburbs where people really care about their garden.

I explained my situation to the landscapers and invited them over to the house for a quote on a new garden. This was the first time that someone outside of my family had seen the state of the backyard. I must say it was quite the transformative experience. Talking through all the different ideas with the garden landscapers was very helpful to me, and gave me a better idea of where to go from there.

Thankfully I understood enough to know that it would be better to hire the landscapers than try and conduct the project myself. I took a lot of cues from the experts, who were well versed in the issued and drama that are part and parcel with a garden landscaping project of this size.

After a few weeks, the garden was unrecognisable. The brand new backyard was all thanks to the best garden landscaping Melbourne has to offer. A miraculous transformation occured and I final results were beyond my wildest dreams.