No More Hassle

I’m great at saving. In fact, I’m generally a very frugal person overall, which is great because money opens a lot of doors, and those doors are the hassle-free variety.

If I can pay someone to do something, then I most definitely will if it means I don’t have to do it myself. Take right now, for example. Had to move out of my apartment because I’m sick to death of having to ring the landlord about maintenance issues. Usually i’d just stick it out- that’s a better alternative to having to dial a number and talk to a stranger- but the advancing mould is starting to give me breathing issues and all my calls are being dodged.

I’ve already been to see my local Carnegie conveyancing office and discussed all my needs as I make the big decision to buy. I’ve saved up enough for a deposit several times over, but I’ve also saved up enough to hire a top-notch conveyancer who’ll sort out basically everything with minimal input from myself. Why would I ever get intimately involved, anyway? I’m not a conveyancing expert. Paperwork is a hassle, and it’s a conveyancer’s job…to convey. If I tried to help out, I’d just end up accidentally throwing something important in the trash, I just know it.

Naturally, I’m also paying removal people to get all my stuff out. The estate agent asked if I’d like to get a professional cleaner in, or do it myself, and I just about managed to stop myself from laughing. As if I’d do it myself! I’m not going out and buying a carpet steam cleaner, no sir. I have no time for such things; I have Neat-Flicks to binge.

My frugal living means I have it all set up. Got my qualified conveyancing and settlement. Melbourne┬áproperty market is so all over the place these days it’s no wonder that people find moving a stressful process. I’ve got my moving guys, AND my cleaning person. My work here is done, just like that.