Okra, Property and Complex Relationships

I just love the healing effects of okra. People don’t understand the importance of foreign medicine, and how it can give us a new perspective on the medical field. I’ve been using it to quieten my hay-fever for years now, and I’ve not seen a single ill effect!

Speaking of which, I met with my friend Alaska at Madame Arnaque’s Crystal, Incense and Coffee Den. She’s the one who got me into alternative living, and I in turn write songs that help her through the darkest times. Anyway, she mentioned that she and her boyfriend- who’s a total square, if I’m honest- are buying a home together once they get married. Oh, le gasp, as Madame Arnaque often says! And they’re hiring a qualified, well-known Melbourne buyers advocate to help with the process! Oh, double le gasp! Quelle intrigue! C’est non parfait!

There are a lot of French phrases on the napkins.

Anyway, I know Alaska’s boyfriend came from a very wealthy family, but I didn’t know it was quite at the buyers advocate stage. While this DOES mean that Alaska is going to end up with a simply lovely home, with enough space for an entire room full of okra leaves and dreamcatchers, I’m worried about her level of control. Maybe the whole buyers advocate thing could be thrown back in her face; her boyfriend will take charge and put his foot down on the okra room?

He seems nice, but then he has his rich, normal parents to contend with. I was so ambivalent when Alaska told this to me over a cup of kombucha and lemongrass tea that I just had to pull out my emergency mouth organ and compose a ditty: My Friend, the best property advocates in Melbourne, and the Okra Room of Dreams.

I’m one of the few people who can sing and play the mouth organ at the same time, which comes in pretty darn handy when it comes to expressing my feelings.