Recruitment Agency Sneaking

The building made much more sense now that Rylee had a guide, even if that guide didn’t realise he was taking her anywhere. It seemed that instructions on how to navigate around were hidden in the messages on the corkboards, scattered around the corridors. Every once in a while, her guide would stop, closely inspect a corkboard, write down a few notes and then push on.

She followed the man through the corridors, filled with stale air, for another fifteen minutes. Eventually, they came to a door that was clearly labelled “Central Control Room”. Finally, Rylee had found her target.

“I work in utility recruitment,” said the guard she’d followed, entering the verbal passphrase. A light above the door flashed green, allowing the door to be opened.

Rylee approached and repeated the phrase, then entered the room. It was a large space, filled with computers and people working at them. She kept to the outer wall, remaining as silent and hidden as possible. Soon enough, the guard would be told he was not actually wanted there, and they’d possibly start looking for an intruder.

Approaching a nearby computer worker, Rylee listened in for a moment. 

“I understand, miss. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to find some other recruitment agencies for construction industries. We’re all filled up with clients!”

Rylee snuck behind the man and waited for him to get off the phone. As soon as he placed it back on his desk, Rylee karate chopped him, then dragged his body under a nearby table. She couldn’t afford to switch uniforms entirely, so she instead changed overshirts and put on the man’s headset, then sat in his seat.

It was time to get some answers. 

Alright, Cole, what’s the story here? Am I about to find out you’re working against me, or am I about to prove you innocent? Gears almighty, I hope it’s the latter.