Resisting an Upgrade

I’m not altogether sure what Marissa is doing out there. I can see her out in my backyard with a measuring tape, walking around the pool and jotting things down in a notebook. Surely we’re not going to start this up again…

You see, my sister has hated my ultra-basic pool fence ever since I moved in here. At the time, I was focused on installing the cheapest one I could find – I needed to install one, by law, but I wanted to spend my available cash on other things. Marissa has been at me about updating it for years now. According to her, frameless glass is the only way to go, with a matching frameless glass balustrade for the outdoor stairs.

Yawn. If she wants to organise it, that’s her prerogative – but she’ll have to pay for it as well. I’m not going to spend all that money just to make my sister (of all people) happy. It’s my house, after all! I have to admire her ability to piggyback on a situation, though. I’m pretty sure I know what’s happened. She saw the leaflet for commercial glazing services on my table – I need to get a window fixed at work – and decided to take advantage of my momentary concern with glass installation.

I don’t know… maybe she does have a point. It’s not like I don’t have the money these days. It’s possible that I’m resistant to the idea merely because it’s her idea, and she’s been annoying me with it since time immemorial (well, for a good few years now, at least). Maybe it’s time I considered the merits of her suggestion.

The back garden would look a lot nicer, for starters, and maybe I care about that more than I’d like to let on. It might up the investment value of the house. I can meet the glazier for my commercial job before signing up for the pool fence. And I’ll have some bargaining power in convincing her to replace her horrible driveway that always snags my car.


Okay, Marissa. You win this round.