The Biggest, Most Amazing Reality TV Prize

And here I was thinking that we were done with the silly-yet-addictive reality TV shows. Ahh, how foolish of me! There will always be this stuff so long as people keep tuning in, me included. I’m not immune to a few dregs of human interest set to inspirational music and interspersed with the occasional cliffhanger followed by an ad break. It’s a timeless formula, so timeless that it was invented in the early 2000s and has survived to the modern era.

There are worse things than ‘I’m a Bachelor, Get Me out of the Biggest Amazing Australian Baking Chef Race’ (IBGMOOBAABCR). It probably has a bit too much going on, and the title most definitely DOES have too much going on, but that’s really what fuels the series. A bunch of regular folks battling their way through a bunch of challenges to become the very best, and also get their chance to be assigned a quality Melbourne property advocate, and…what?

They said it in the first episode, but I’m only now realising how weird a prize that is. I mean…yeah, it’s nice having your own house. If I could go on a reality TV show and win not only a home, but meetings with a professional who helps me CHOOSE a ┬áhome, then maybe I’d do it. It’d be a balance of whether I’d want to trade my dignity for the chance to win a massive prize.

Doesn’t matter, I’ll never do it. As for the whole property advocate thing…well, I guess they’re big news at the moment, to the point where they’re considered hot property for a reality TV reward at the end of twelve weeks. The humble buyers advocates in Melbourne…who knew they had so much street cred? Or if they didn’t before, they will now, because every single person I know is watching this show.