The Great Illuminator, or Something

Light: The Great Illuminator.

Too obvious? Yeah, too obvious. People get what light does. It’s been pretty obvious as a concept since…the dawn of time. But people have told me that a keynote speech needs to be on something really fundamental, so that everyone can grasp the concept. I need to tell people how they can save energy, but make it accessible. And everyone has lights in their home, so…relatable to all, so you would think.

I’ve been doing research, and it turns out that commercial LED lighting sellers here in Melbourne have got some interesting things going on, which is convenient because I can actually go and visit them. If I’m going to get up in front of a whole room full of clean energy enthusiasts, I need something more than ‘solar power good, wind power good, hydro-electric cars not quite so good, maybe, jury is still out!’

They won’t be expecting me to talk about how LED lighting is making leaps and bounds and becoming an energy-saving juggernaut all by itself, because lights are something everyone takes for granted. Well, everyone except fathers who stalk around the home flipping switches and grumbling that they’re “paying for this electricity!” Truly, they are the unsung heroes of waste prevention in the energy sector. True story.

Maybe that’ll be my opening anecdote, because that is also very relatable. People will laugh, I’ll relax a little and then I can hit them with the stats. So many stats. Pages upon pages that I need to pare down into something manageable, all of them related to LED lighting. I have considered rap, a puppet show and a movie-trailer style presentation, but none of them seem to strike the proper tone. I want people to really seriously consider producers of efficient commercial LED lighting solutions in Melbourne. Businesses need to consider their role in the green energy movement.

Something serious…but also fun. Alright, interpretive dance is off the table. But I still need a better title than ‘The Great Illuminator’.