DVD Plaza was created by Mixxy Mastwell and Helena Stanton-Jones in 2017. Coming of age circa 2000, these two will forever have nostalgia for the DVD. Both have a keen interest in how this medium supports access to pop cultural media, and are lifelong fans of Dolph Lundgren’s lesser known works.

Mastwell majored in film studies and sociology, and wrote her honours thesis on cult straight-to-DVD titles. She personally owns more than 5000 DVDs, collected from all corners of the globe. She has a particular interest in South East Asian cinema, and cites ‘sci-fi romance’ as her favourite genre.

Stanton-Jones studied social work, and is completing graduate research in contemporary media studies. Having worked at a private clinic in Los Angeles, she has been exposed to some of the film industry’s inner workings. She is interested in how decisions are made about release formats in Hollywood, and this is the focus of her current research.

Their work is supported by a team of event staff, sound engineers and rigging crew, who help to make each event a success. Standout achievements include:

  • Featuring as part of Jilkin Shire Film Festival
  • Contributing to the Australian Academy of Circus Arts Annual Fundraiser
  • Running a series of O-Week events at Braxton Tanton University
  • Curating a family zone for Bimella Regional Festival
  • Honourable Mention in the Southern Hemisphere Film Event Awards