Attacking the overgrown trees

Before David left for Vietnam we had a few household chores to deal with. What with the arrival of the twins we sort of got sidetracked and pushed back on all our domestic chores. We never built the bookcases for the living room, we didn’t re-polish the deck and we never finished the garden renovations. Now the twins are slightly older and don’t require 24/7 attention we finally have some time to get out home up to scratch.

David leaves in about a week so we have dedicated each task to a day. I have broken down each task into its individual elements and have a colour coded chart with the plans. Tomorrow we are dealing with the garden and it’s overgrown trees. At the moment it looks more like a jungle. It is incredibly overgrown. I have arranged for an arborist to come and do an assessment of the bigger trees that have been looking unsteady in strong wind. The neighbours next door just had some new landscaping done and they recommended an excellent tree removal company in Clayton. As the kids get older, it would be nice to have a hazard free garden for them to play in. At the moment I fear they are going to trip over fallen tree branches and tangle themselves up.

We don’t want to do anything too fancy, just create a clear lawn for the twins to throw a ball around in. David seems to think we’ll need to hire an army of arborists to tackle the yard, he has been excessively researching tree felling services for days. I even caught him looking into swimming pool installation! I had to gently remind him that toddlers and big exposed bodies of water don’t mesh well. Hopefully once he is back from his business trip we can start talking about large scale renovations but for now I just want a garden that is habitable!