Canopies and Brightening

VERY interesting meeting tonight, as we were introduced to a piece of sheer industry. I’ve been going to these focus meditation meetings for a whole three weeks now, one meeting every Thursday night except for that one where Guru Nathan was ill, and we’ve never been given something this surprising!

See, focus meditation is where, instead of just closing your eyes and thinking about nothing/the universe, you instead use an object to focus all of your energy. This time, it was…a set of aluminium accessories. What even IS that, you might ask? I don’t know, but I know aluminium is a tool of industry, and that’s not something anyone in the group had ever had any experience with. Here’s me, plucking my banjo with some degree of nervousness, quietly thinking of the lyrics to a new epic ballad: Oh Golly, Aluminium Accessories, Somebody Help Me. There’s Ruth across the meditation circle from me, having been raised in a household where they thought that technology was the creation of the elder gods, and our misuse of them would one day bring ruin upon mankind in a cataclysmic event known as ‘the Brightening’, where they’d cause the sun to explode. And poor Mark, who’s set to inherit his family’s organic herbal tea business, and has only ever travelled by unicycle.

These aluminium accessories represented our greatest fear: the big, wide world of industry, toolboxes, capitalism, and 9-5 working hours with occasional overtime. I can see why Guru Nathan introduced this to us though, and why he has plans to introduce even more things. Including the best quality aluminium ute canopies, Melbourne has to offer, the thing that covers the place where work is stored, in the city where we live!

Well, that’s what I think that is. I suppose we’ll find out when Guru Nathan lugs it in, and Ruth faints, and Mark breaks out in hives. But it’ll be good for us, in the end. I don’t want to be too bold in saying this, but some of us might be a little bit sheltered.