Can’t drive silent

Are you one of those people who have to constantly have music going or is that just me? Rarely am I ever without headphones on or music blaring in my ears. When I’m walking down the street, I have music playing through my headphones. Even when I’m driving, my music is on. Admittedly, I sometimes can’t be bothered to listen to music so that is when I listen to podcasts. So really, my life is never without some sort of background noise that I’m controlling. That’s why my car is perfect for me. I can control the entire radio with the buttons steering wheel. It’s great. I can change channels, swap from auxiliary to CD to radio, and I can control the volume. While I do like having constant sound, being able to control that sound is super important to me as I hate trying to concentrate on having too much noise in the background. Frustratingly, I think something with these buttons stopped working the other day so now I need to find someone who can do auto electrical repairs for cars in the Lockleys area. It shouldn’t be too hard to find someone. It’s more so a matter of wanting to get this issue fixed sooner rather than later. I could listen to the radio but even that seems to not be working too well.

I’m usually not bad at fixing things myself. In fact, I actually have a bit of a knack for it. I think that’s because I’m a person that learns best when doing stuff with their hands. As far as this kind of fix, I have zero ideas where it would even start or how the buttons on the steering wheel connect to the radio. Best I leave it to an expert. I’ll be taking my car to the mechanic. Lockleys has one right around the corner from me which is always a plus because I won’t need to take too much time out of my day for this. I do hope that this is just one smaller error that is not a sign of a bigger issue.