Car Love

Since I moved closer in the city at the start of the year, I’ve hardly used my car at all. The public transport and bike routes near my house are super conveniently arranged for getting me everywhere I could possibly want to go. It’s great, but I feel a bit neglectful of Barry, my car. What – you mean to tell me that your car doesn’t have a name? Your loss.

Anyway, I’m going to drive Barry up to New South Wales via the coast in December, and I sense he could probably do with a tune-up before then. He’s always been the kind of ride that gets a tad rusty on the functionality when not used regularly. I haven’t taken him for a service since before I moved, so I’m going to need a new auto mechanic. Northcote area locals, do you have any suggestions?

I did hear a glowing review from a colleague of a tyre repair done over in Brunswick. Tyre service is the one thing I don’t need, since I had a new set fitted just before I stopped using the car, and the set still appear to be in rude health. If anything, I’m more concerned about the transmission, which is what tends to conk out first in my experience with Barry.

Maybe I should start by taking him for a spin around town to determine if there’s actually anything that needs repairing. I don’t like driving in the city that much, ever since that one time a few years back when I accidentally backed into that vintage sports car while trying to make a hook turn. Let’s just say that everyone came out unscathed, but the smash repair bill wasn’t pretty.

A turn about the block should be fine, though. I mean, I got the car over here, right? Oh, wait – my girlfriend drove it over. Regardless, I’m going to have to suck up a bit of city driving one way or another if I want to do that coastal drive.