Carol Knows Best?

So now everyone in Toorak is getting air conditioning, according to Carol. Carol knows best, according to…Carol. That’s literally what it says on the pamphlet that came through the door: ‘Air Conditioning for Toorak, because Carol Knows Best!’

I don’t even know who Carol is, and already she’s trying to paint herself as a prophetess with the ability to snap her fingers and summon air con for all. I guess that’d be nice, but I don’t know if all the companies installing and doing air conditioning repairs Brighton wide would really agree, because…it’s their business.

Also, yes, this is definitely Brighton. Where Carol is getting the idea that all of Melbourne and beyond is going to rally for the institution of air conditioning in every single room in Toorak only is…well, it’s making me concerned. Carol looks a little bit disturbed on the front of the brochure as well, so if there are any air conditioning companies looking into her petition, this isn’t going to convince them. She’s holding up a glass full of ice cubes in one hand, and she has a whole air con unit tucked under her other arm, her eyes are wide and the speech bubble coming out of her mouth says “phew, I know how I want to keep cool!”

Those are some mixed signals, Carol. You might be about to swallow the glass of ice cubes, or waiting for them to melt so you can drink them, or…no, that’s it. That air conditioning unit is clearly not plugged in, so it’s not going to be providing cooling to anyone. You need to call that air conditioning company Beaumaris locals seem to love so much to fit that for you, and then pay them, because they’re a business and you can’t expect them to work for free.

I don’t think Carol grasps the economy, air conditioning installation, the principles of electricity and cooling, photography, leaflet campaigns or…just life. Life in general.