Crazy AC Claims


My tenant gave her one months notice last month that she would not be renewing her lease. She was a decent tenant after some initial speed bumps, where she was claiming that the house wasn’t liveable and that it needed to be fixed. She had signed off on the quality of the house before she moved in, and then she went and complained about every last little thing in the house. She even complained about door handles being loose, when they literally just needed to be screwed back on. She wanted the whole door replaced… she really was a bit of a drama queen.

After I told her I wouldn’t be making any changes, I didn’t hear from her for the entirety of her lease. During that time I had forgotten about her complaints and enjoyed our formal and civil relationship. That was until I did the home inspection and realised she had completely ruined my house. I don’t know if she’s crazy or had some sort of mental breakdown, but she had ripped all the doors off their hinges, painted the walls and flipped all the furniture. The only appropriate thing she did was get air conditioning repairs. Melbourne technicians are good at their job and so I can tell she got a professional in. Thank God she didn’t decide to repair it herself.

Ever since I told her I’m not giving her the bond back she’s gone off her nut. She’s been calling me in the middle of the night muttering about how I’m stealing her money and that I can’t punish her for getting an air conditioning service in Melbourne. Like honey? That’s literally the only thing you’re not getting punished for. It’s like she’s in her own little world. I hope for her sake that she doesn’t take this further because she won’t have a leg to stand on when I show people the before and after photos.