Filmed Our Proposal

My boyfriend and I just got engaged! I can’t believe it. Well, I can believe it seeing as we’ve bought a house together and constantly talk about our future, but I can’t believe it in the sense that this is like a dream come true. He proposed to me two days ago when we were on holiday in Wilson’s Prom and my heart has been exploding ever since.

He asked me if we could go and sit on the beach and watch the sunset and I readily agreed because I knew it was his favourite thing in the world to do. Little did I know that he’d hired a video production company in the Melbourne area to hide behind us and film the whole thing. They did a great job of being discreet – I had no idea that they were there. As it turns out they were behind us the entire time and filming the entire proposal. My boyfriend wanted to make sure that we had the special moment documented forever. He was so certain that I was going to say yes (even though he was still clearly very nervous) that he got a reputable video production company to film it. How cute is that? I’m so glad he decided to get it professionally filmed because the entire thing is a blur. All I remember is him getting down on one knee and then I pretty much blacked out as my heart swirled.

I can’t wait for when the video production company has finished their post production services so that we can watch the proposal video. It’ll feel like I’m getting proposed to all over again which is just incredible. I can’t even begin to explain the massive rush of endorphins I felt when I saw my boyfriend, no fiance, get down on one knee. I have no doubt that I’ll get that same rush of endorphins as I did before and feel absolutely incredible.