Hot Glass Box

Next summer I seriously need to look into glazing and whether it helps you escape the heat a little, because…wow. Here I am trying to run a yoga class in my front room, and the weather just won’t let us concentrate. It’s a big front room, and it’s at least north-facing, but it seems like a bad joke with me telling everyone that they need to find their center and imagine they’re in an icy, frozen tundra with no distractions. I’d tell them to imagine a desert instead, but then they feel even hotter. Last time I tried that a lady fainted.

This heatwave is literally ruining my business. I wonder, can some residential glaziers help keep the heat down? The only other option is getting air con in the front room, but…man, air con is SO expensive. I spend my days telling people to embrace their inner peace and let go of their earthly tethers. That doesn’t pay a great deal, unfortunately, so I my list of options is slim.

I guess I could just go and host classes in the park, but then Guru would think I’m copying him, and I hate Guru with every fibre of my being. Seriously, it interrupts my meditations, it’s so bad. He thinks he’s so good…well, just wait until I get some super heat-repellent glass installed in my living room, and everyone comes here instead of going to his stupid meditation sessions in the park, where it’s super hot anyway I might add. Like…it’s really hard to sit cross legged when the very act makes you feel like you need to unfurl and NOT encourage sweat production by bunching yourself up.

Just need to confirm that such glass exists with the residential glaziers. Then get it done everywhere. Glass windows, glass balustrade, glass…fence. If it makes things even slightly cooler, I want it. The inner peace of my class depends on glass.