I Crave that Oxygen Hit

I could LIVE in an oxygen chamber. That’s how good it is inside those things. I’ve considered whether I’m addicted, but i don’t think it’s that.

Either way, I’m gonna be pretty sad when I have to actually go home from the place where I’m house-sitting and i don’t have access to an oxygen chamber any more. Not going to miss the parrot who wakes me up at 5 am with chirping, and makes me clean up after him even though he’s so ‘intelligent’. Yeah, intelligent. Go fill up your own water if you’re so smart.

Still, gonna have a look for those portable oxygen chambers. Sellers in Melbourne probably know exactly how to get them into tight spaces, which I’m going need because I’ve probably got…like, five feet to work with? That’s if I shift all the furniture to the corner, but I would make that sacrifice, because oxygen goodness. Last week I just sat inside the chamber, reading a book and drinking in the good stuff. Also, I think I might have a breathing problem, because I just generally breathed easier while I was in there, and I never really noticed how hard it was before. Or maybe my breathing is fine and I just spent too much time in there? How much electricity do those things consume anyway? Well, the people whose house I was looking after can afford to have a whole room of their home dedicated to a gym and oxygen room, so I think they can take it. I;ll also have to look into how much oxygen costs, but…seriously, that stuff practically grows on trees. Or rather, it rolls off trees, because they make it, I think.

Maybe there are oxygen chamber purists who make their own oxygen from their garden, like those people who grow tomatoes. Once I’m part of the oxygen therapy network, I’ll learn all the secrets.

I could just get rid of my bed and sleep in the chamber…saves the space problem, and it’s pretty comfortable in there…