Making My Metal

I’ve always wanted to create a sword. That has been one of the biggest desires of my life ever since I heard about the author Terrance Hatchet being knighted. Legend says that he learned to smelt, then created his own blade out of iron and meteorite. How cool is that? As a big fantasy nerd, I would give anything to have a sword made out of space metal. I mean, that thing has to have at least a +2 to attack and damage rolls. I’ve been slowly working toward this dream, taking an apprenticeship with some metal suppliers in the Melbourne area, but I’m not exactly learning how to make swords here. Now, I think all metalwork is interesting, but I kind of wish we’d get a big order in for 10,000 swords or something. 

Of course, I could just research how to make a sword out of steel supplies myself, but I feel like I really need to learn this craft from a master. I want to make a bunch of practice swords first so that my sword can be truly remarkable. Imagine walking into someone’s house and seeing this really cool sword resting on their mantel? And that house would be mine. I have tried buying swords online, but I’ve found that pretty much all of them are cheap pieces of rubbish. One time, I was fighting my bro on a rooftop and my sword literally broke in half. Who sells swords that break in half when you use them? What is this, Legend of Zoldo: Breath of the Wind? So yeah, I think I’ll learn how to make a quality sword under steel fabricators. It might take a while, given my bosses are structural steel fabricators. Around Melbourne, structural steel is pretty important. But yeah, that means they don’t get many sword orders. 

My friends think this sword obsession of mine is a little silly. They should see how many swords my bro has, though! One time I opened the fridge and all the food was gone. There was only a bunch of swords stuffed in there because there was nowhere else to put them! Talk about insanity!

– Dave