My adopted heritage


I’m thirty-two years old and have never known my birth parents, my heritage, or any members of my family. Of course, I mean no disrespect to my adopted family. They have been great when it comes to giving me a wonderful home and supporting me through the various phases of my life. The only thing that has always felt like a hole to me was the constant wondering of where I have come from. My adoptive parents have made it clear from day one that I was adopted. I don’t have any memories of being in the orphanage as my adoptive parents welcomed me into their home from day one. With all due respect to them, I don’t refer to them as my adoptive parents – I am only doing so for the sake of this blog to avoid any confusion. One thing I love is that they always made it clear that I was adopted, so I didn’t have to ever deal with the surprise of accidentally finding out one day. Although my siblings and parents aren’t related to me by blood, I’ll always love them that way.

Last year I did a DNA test to learn more about my heritage. I came to learn that I’m actually of Japanese descent. Sadly, I also learned that both my biological parents were in fact dead. To help form a stronger attachment to my heritage I have decided to book a consultation with a Japanese tattooist. Brisbane has many great tattoo artists but I think I have found one who is particularly great at anime artwork. I will admit, I did laugh to myself a bit when I found out that I’m Japanese. I’ve always loved Japanese culture and entertainment. It’s as if this whole time I’ve subconsciously known that I’m Japanese. I mean, I do look Japanese, but I never really put that much thought into it.

Next week I have my appointment with the tattooist. Brisbane gets rather hot so I’m excited to have a tattoo sleeve that I can show off when wearing short sleeves. Stay tuned for photos!