Need a roadworthy


Before I write this article I would like to put out a disclaimer and say that I am not a hoon. Sure, I have a hotted up car that I’ve lowered and have put in a wicked exhaust but I am not an irresponsible hoon. I don’t drive recklessly on main roads, do burnouts, or speed. I mean, it was something I would do in the countryside in my early twenties, but I’ve grown now. Cops, however, definitely don’t like my car. I was driving back from a mates house at 3 am last Saturday night and I was pulled over on the highway. They questioned me and did an inspection of the car. I asked them why they pulled me over when I hadn’t been doing anything wrong. Apparently, people with certain cars are more likely to drive recklessly and cause deaths on the road. My car is on the list so now I need to get roadworthy inspections close to Queanbeyan to prove to the police that it is a suitable car for the road. I understand the sentiment behind it and I really do hope that they’re finding this new regulation helpful, but I don’t like the fact that some of us are being stereotyped. I do think that it’s unfair that because of a few bad apples, a whole demographic needs to be thrown in the same bucket. 

I’m going to start carrying a roadworthy certificate around in my car should I be pulled over again. That way I can present them the certificate to show that I have been responsible and given my car all the necessary checks for it to be on the road. The only hassle with all of this is that I now need to find a good mechanic located near Queanbeyan who can do the inspection. On top of this, it’s a service that I will need to pay for. I feel like the government should subsidise the cost, but  I guess it’s my fault for driving this sort of car.