Organising Heating Repairs

Being an adult is so hard! I’m in the process of moving out and we were given the keys to the house last Saturday. We haven’t even moved our beds in yet! We thought that once we got the keys we’d be able to move straight in, but apparently, there are all these things we need to organise and set up in order to live there. I thought that I’d be moving in on Saturday as soon as we got the keys, but when I arrived at the house there was no power, no water, no internet and it was clear that we were in need of some serious heating repairs. Canberra rental homes are also notorious for experiencing wear and tear more harshly than homes in other states (I have no idea why) and it was very clearly the case with our new house. 

So it’s now Wednesday in the week after we were supposed to move in and we still haven’t moved in! We’ve only just managed to get the electricity sorted and that will be turned on tomorrow. We’re waiting to hear back from our provider about the gas and for some reason, the water is already on even though we haven’t organised it or anything. This whole situation has gone way over our heads, if I’m perfectly honest. But hey, we’re getting there which is very exciting! 

At this stage, we’re planning on all being moved in by Saturday night. It means we’ve paid a week’s rent and we haven’t been able to use it at all which is disappointing, but it is what it is. It’s my responsibility to organise the ducted heating repairs technician near Canberra to come to our house and fix our heating before Saturday. We don’t want to be cold on the day that we move in. Based on how long everything else has taken to organise, I have a bad feeling it won’t be organised in time but we shall see.