Road Trip Rage


Okay, I don’t often write two blog posts about the same thing… but I am just so angry. I feel ripped off. I feel like I’m missing the prime of my life because we are forced to ‘stay in place’ and ‘do the right thing’. Don’t get me wrong, I was all for that for the first TWO YEARS, but how selfless can one person really be? How much do we all have to give up for this unfortunate situation? I like to think that I’m a good person – someone who does their bit for society. But when can I start doing things for myself again?

I just want to be able to get a car service in the South Yarra area and be confident that I’ll be able to drive around Australia after. Or you know what, not even drive around Australia, I just want to be able to drive around the state! I have no doubt that the mechanic would do an awesome job in making sure that my car was in good condition. I know my car would be able to get me from A to B to C because of my mechanic, but I don’t even get to give it the chance! I am infuriated. 

I’m a pretty measured person but (word redacted) I am ANGRY. I also feel so bad for my awesome mechanic who has dedicated his life to doing quality car repairs in Hawthorn. He would’ve lost so much business with people not being able to go on road trips and never leaving the house. People don’t need car repairs if they don’t need to drive their car anymore. This whole thing, for lack of a better word, absolutely sucks and I want no part in it. It’s not my fault that this unfortunate situation happened. I just want to go back to living my life and actually get to enjoy the ‘best years’ of my life as I should be.