Roses Represent Passion

So…third anniversary in a row missed. I kind of thought that this might be the year. She’d just accept that I can’t remember any important dates, no matter how important and deeply personal, and I’d basically be off the hook because it’ll be an ‘oh, you!’ situation. That has not happened, however. I’m in the proverbial doghouse, and I need to get myself out of it.

So I’m making a big gesture. A very big gesture. A HUGE gesture. I’m planting a rose garden, with absolutely no prior experience. Hooray! This can’t go wrong! I’ve look up websites that have standard roses for planting, which I think I’ll need to start things off. Um, probably. How do you make a rose grow? Do you just shove the whole thing in the ground, or do they make seeds, or…what? Further research required. Obviously I’m going to need a few roses to get things started…maybe 300 or so. It’ll be no good if I just say that I’m planting a rose garden to show my eternal dedication to the cause of our marriage, and then I utterly fail because nothing grows. This way I can make a really good show right from the beginning, and hopefully I’ll be out of the proverbial doghouse before they all die. And by that time, maybe I’ll have some little roses of my own, maybe, how does that work again? Like, do you just plant roses and then they’re grown in a few days or whatever? Is it a seasonal thing? Should I have bought some spring flowering bulbs and actually done my research BEFORE I bought three-hundred roses? Alright, six-hundred dollars down the drain, and I still don’t know what Brindabella roses are, although they sound nice.

Maybe when we get the credit card bill, she’ll see how much I spent for the sake of our love. Yep, it’ll definitely be better after that.