Solar Sister Search

Maphira couldn’t believe it had been so easy to get a lead. Totally Legit Power. Of course, Rylee would be pulling the exact same thing Maphira was doing right now. That was exactly what she’d been counting on, and it turned out that her hunch had been correct.

As children, it was often uncanny how often Rylee and Maphira had the exact same thoughts. People used to think they were twins because only twins could be so synched up. After searching all the coolest places in Melbourne, Maphira had realised that Rylee might have been searching for her too. 

Of course, she’d expected to be searching a lot longer than this for a clue. She’d planned to go to several offices and inquire about their interest in solar. Some of them were likely to be wondering “Where can I get solar panels for my small business?”, with some even contacted by a woman from Totally Legit Power.

The question now was where would her sister be going next? Maphira would have to keep going door to door for now. Once, she’d been Melbourne’s finest detective. If she could establish a pattern of movement, perhaps she would be able to use her detective skills to work out where Rylee would be headed next.

Maybe it was best if she started with businesses. She could see if any of them were interested in solar battery storage in the Melbourne area. If she offered it to businesses with multiple locations, and they reported that somebody from Totally Legit Power had come by another office, it would narrow Maphira’s search. 

She hoped this wouldn’t turn into a whole thing of Maphira and Rylee barely missing each other repeatedly, like in movies and books. Oh, she absolutely hated it when she was reading a good book and the author made it look like two characters would meet up, only for them to just miss each other. It drove her absolutely insane.

Even though this was real life, she couldn’t rule out the possibility of that happening here. The setup was just too perfect for it.