The Power of Unicorn Wallpaper

Right now I’m supposed to be resting my injured foot as much as possible, so I’ve been spending a lot of time in my room. Since it’s a three-story house, that means a lot of stairs to clamber up, so I prefer not to make the trip, or at least do so as little as possible.

Anyway, I had my friend Kayleen over for girly hang-out times, and also because she recently split up with her boyfriend and needs a bit of pampering time. She brought over her extensive collection of movies, and we half-watched a bunch while giggling and rating the attractiveness of every character on a complicated graph. Really, we wrote it down and everything. It’s very complicated.

So we were up on the third floor in my former playroom, and Kayleen noticed my custom unicorn wallpaper (which were all cute ponies). I found them and Dad had them put on as wall decals for my birthday. Kayleen thought they were incredible, but that may be because she loves unicorns. There are absolutely heaps of them, and they give the impression that they a swarm of magical horses are flying across my room. I really love this wall art, it looks stellar.

My friend suggested that I should run an interior decorating business. What a great idea. We spent the rest of the afternoon planning out how I would run this fictional business, complete with shop front and the employee uniforms.

Look, it wasn’t serious. You may remember I’m studying to be a teacher, and that’d be a lot of study to throw away on a whim. I might do it as a side gig. That beautiful kids wallpaper really helped take Kayleen’s mind off her drama. That’s why you need some good girly time, in a space where you can just cry whenever you feel like it without being judged.  


I’m thinking maybe Kayleen needs some custom wallpaper. Then she could look at ponies all day, and wouldn’t have to think about her annoying boyfriend at all. I’m the right person to help her through this tough time.