Time For Sleep

Ugh, real life. Am I right? I actually don’t give a flying flip about real life, and I just want to, uh…is there an acronym for going to sleep really fast, and staying asleep for ages because you’re totally exhausted? If not, the internet needs to come up with one, and fast. Before I go to sleep would be good.

I thought I could find solace in the new episode of My, Nero’s Rad Anemia! It was fine for 22 minutes, and then we’re just back to where we started. I spent that time lost in a comedic world where the Emperor Nero tries to take over the world while convincing his own people and those of other nations that exhaustion from blood cell deficiency is totally cool, yo, but here I am again…back in real life.

Got to call the electrician. Yep…get on the phone to that Bayside local electrician, just like Mum said before she left. I know I definitely would call the electrician, especially since that’s going to help me in the long run because if we don’t get some rewiring done, the circuit breaker is going to keep tripping, knocking out the WiFi every time and stopping me from keeping up to date with the newest shows (and also visiting the forums to discuss said shows). But talking on the phone, like, I don’t know, man. I hate that at the best of times, and now I’m really listless. Talking to another person, IRL? No thanks.

I could also go online and send the electricians an email, probably with ‘HELP, HELP, EMERGENCY, CANNOT CONSISTENTLY WATCH CARTOONS’ in the subject line, but maybe they still wouldn’t rush out on a whim, because it’s not a phone call. I mean, if I was a residential electrician near me, I’d…read the subject line, at least, but I don’t know.

Oh, Stress Level Elimination Exercise Plan…SLEEP. Now there’s an acronym I can get on board with.