Too late?

I graduated university two years ago and I’m having some serious regrets about my career path. I did a four year degree in accounting and have managed to secure employment within this field but now I’m starting to seriously wonder if I’ve made the right choice. I’ve never been that interested in numbers but I feel like I fell into this field through lack of choice. My high school was a really small school full of delinquents who had zero interest in schooling. Admittedly, I had that same attitude but that was because things weren’t fun. I’d turn up to class and the teachers would spend the first twenty minutes trying to get students to pay attention and turn to the right page.

I think had I attended a different school I probably would have pursued medicine. I get that these are all very pie in the sky claims but I always did have an interest in medicine, particularly surgery. My younger self was too interested in taking the easy way out and finishing my studies as quickly as possible. Plus, it didn’t help that my school’s science subjects were poorly run. My parents would hate to know that I’m thinking of going back to school to study something else. I don’t want to make any hasty decisions so I think it might be best that I get some career change advice. Melbourne has been my home all my life and we do have some great universities but I have no idea how to start the process of studying to be a surgeon, especially with zero medical or science background.

I wish when I was back in high school that there was someone I could’ve spoken to about this. The idea of being a surgeon has always floated in my mind but I had no idea how to get on that path. This is why schools need great career coaching resources for students. I felt very alone when it came to picking my courses in high school. It’s probably why I’m second-guessing my current career.