Too Much House

I’m calculating my outgoings, and it’s not looking great. ‘Get a big house’ society says. ‘It’ll be fun’, society says.

It was nice for a little while, walking around and knowing that I saved up for this all by myself, and there’s a lot of it. It’s a lot of house for one person, but I didn’t really think it was too much, not at first. Few spare rooms for visitors, a study for studying, a lounge for chilling and one for entertaining, and an extra utility room that I’m using as a gym. But then the costs started to roll in, and I’m less than happy.

One day of heating and the bill went through the roof. Seriously, I need to get onto an expert in Melbourne, gas heating service providers are not exactly easy to come by.  I better get this sorted before the real winds of winter roll in, because I can’t afford to keep going with whatever I’ve got right now. It’s some sort of ducted heating that hasn’t been replaced from the eighties, even from before the house was renovated. Thought it was fine, but nope! It’s a relic from a bygone era where all electricity was sustainable and would last forever, so it eats through my electricity bill like nothing else. Fortunately I knew what I was doing buying an old home, so there’s enough in the budget for some heating replacement. Split systems are cool nowadays. Might go with that.

But that’s one problem of many. Dust just gets everywhere, so I’m having to hire a cleaner, and it’s a lot of rooms to do. I have no time to do the garden, so I’m paying someone for that as well. And after all this, I’m not even there for most of the time, so why am I bothering?

I have my big house, that’s ‘why’. My big house, soon to have some of best ducted heating installed, so it becomes even more of an investment.