Tracking employees

As a teenager, I always had aspirations to run my own business or to be my own boss. Now that the time has come, I’m starting to not enjoy it as much. In fact, running a business sucks. You’re the one who has to deal with angry clients. You’re the one that needs to pull stuff in line. You’re the one who has to deliver bad news. It’s actually a really bad time. I run a business in the electrical sector. We do electrical work for not only residents but also hotels, corporate locations, shopping centres etc. Since becoming a boss I have found that I am doing less of the electrical stuff I like, and am preoccupied with all these other areas such as administration and politics. I noticed a few of my employees were really bad at not double booking themselves, getting job locations confused and they were also incorrectly filling out invoices which meant we could not get paid properly. What they failed to realise was if there is a delay in the company’s pay, then there’s a delay in their pay. 

As the company grew and we had more employees onboard I started to realise that maybe we need a job management software for Melbourne electricians. I did my research and found some software that could incorporate all the different admin bits associated with working in the trade industry. This included invoicing, job locations, time keeping, and reminders. Since getting all my employees set up on this platform I have noticed a dramatic increase in productivity. Invoicing has become a much easier and streamlined process, no one is getting job locations confused, and there seems to be a lot less miscommunication. 

When I first introduced this software all the employees started jumping up and down about not wanting to use a trade job management software. They were all insistent that they didn’t need it and that the old system was working fine. After two weeks of using it they were all excited to see all the nifty ways this software was making their lives easier.