Anyone Want an Office Tennis Court?

I’m starting to think we need to branch out. I liked the idea of office transformations when we first started out, and the studio execs seemed to love it as well. And let’s face it…with my face, and my bubbly personality? It was a surefire hit. And it is, if the ratings are anything to go by (they are).

But there are only so many times you can renovate an office, film the reactions of the people who work there, and repackage the whole thing to make it special.

Of course, this isn’t an indictment against office interior designers. Melbourne┬ácompanies do great work, and I should know because I’ve pretty much rubbed elbows with all of them. But the thing is, you can’t change an office as much as you can change a house. You’ve got Harry Styler over there with ‘Renovation, Renovation, Renovation, Renovation!’, with his perfect teeth and wild blonde locks, doing all these crazy things to people’s homes while they’re out. Now, the danger there is that sometimes, people say they don’t like it. Some of their designs ARE kind of crazy, and I understand people coming back from a weekend away to a home that does not look like their home might be understandably miffed.

Never happened with my show! But then, you have to play it safe for an office. The craziest thing we tend to put in there in some zig-zag carpet, maybe a few pieces of alternative artwork. I think we put a sculpture in the lobby one time, but that was way out there.

You just can’t go nuts and install a sauna or a tennis court…

Or COULD you? Maybe we need to take a leaf out of Harry’s book. Go big, or get cancelled. I know even the best Melbourne based office designers in the business aren’t experts in installing saunas, but perhaps we need to make new friends. For the art. For the ratings. For the show!

-Sherry Shingles