War Failed

Well, we tried to go to war with the Hardware Bandits, and we completely failed. It turns out that the Hardware Master in our role-playing game was trying to talk us out of that course of action, and none of us were listening (except for Harry, but nobody cares what he thinks), so as punishment the Hardware Master decided to mercilessly kill off all our characters. I didn’t think he would have the guts to do it, but he actually did.

So now we need a new game to play. I liked the fantasy realism of a hardware store management game, and I’d like something similar. Maybe there’s a game where we could work as steel fabricators and marine welders? That sounds like fun to me. But then again, maybe we’d just get into a war with a rival welding business, resulting in our characters perishing again.

I think it would be really fun to roll dice to see how well I can make a rod holder, though. I’d make a character with a bonus of five to my welding skill, at least. What other skills would you have in a marine welding RPG? There was plenty in Hardware Store Bonanza, such as deception, management, inventory, etc. So if the game master said “roll an inventory check for me”, you’d be able to do it. I suppose a lot of those skills could carry over between games. Ultimately, I suppose I just want to work in marine stainless steel fabrication around Melbourne, provided it’s in a role-playing game.

And yes, it is important that the game takes place in Melbourne. I don’t care if it’s some fantasy version of Melbourne, or Melbourne in Florida, I just want that anchor with the real world. Other than that, I would love to go on these fun fantasy adventures, while working as a marine welder.

If only there was some sort of role-playing game where you could go on quests and cast magic spells or something. Somebody should invent that.

– Franklin