Bedroom renovations

Sometimes I love browsing online through real estate websites to check out all the houses I can’t afford. I really enjoy the process of looking through the different houses and seeing why they’re the price they are, guessing who would live there, and what one I would pick if I had that much money. One thing I am noticing to be quite common is that most of the more expensive homes tend to have an ensuite bathroom attached to the master bedroom, or at least a walk-in wardrobe. My bedroom is extremely large and has all this unused space, that I’m actually starting to toy with the idea of getting an ensuite installed. I have a feeling this will be an expensive and lengthy process but I feel it will pay off in multiple ways. It will be an investment that means I get an ensuite bathroom that I can use, and that will put up the market value of my property. I’m trying to find a bathroom remodel designer near me who can guide me through this process.

I’ve spoken to my husband about the idea of renovating our master bedroom to install an ensuite. He wasn’t too fond of the idea as felt it would be a lot of mess and chaos when we already have a perfectly working bathroom. That’s when I reminded him that our bathroom is shared between us and our five kids. For the moment, it’s fine as our kids are quite young and tend to all shower within the same hour but when they grow older and there’s the five of us battling different routines and schedules, having one bathroom will definitely become a point of contention. My husband sat on the idea a little longer but was open to meeting with a few bathroom designers. Melbourne is becoming a city with extremely stylish real estate so there are quite a few designers around with an extremely great eye for architecture and interior design. I think it’s time we make the most of this and make our house something special.