House Building Favours

The renovations were going… well, they weren’t so much as going at all. To be frank, Rylee hadn’t the slightest clue what she was doing, and it seemed such works were lost on Cole as well. They’d genuinely believed they could get this done together, as a team, but it seemed they were going to need some help from professional builders.

After several trips to the hardware store to pick up supplies, it had become evident that they did not, in fact, know how to repair a decrepit house. It wasn’t like those mobile games where you just merged a bunch of stuff together to create entirely new things, defying all logic. 

Cole said that he knew a house builder who might be willing to help them. Even though they worked in the Mornington Peninsula area, they apparently owed Cole a solid or two from way back in the day. So, while Cole was off dealing with that business, Rylee simply sat outside on the tattered rubber chair of a rusty swing set, legs dangling. She was surprised the metal bars hadn’t collapsed in on her yet.

There has to be something I can do while I wait for him to get back, Rylee thought. Maybe I should just write down a list of everything that needs to be done.

He’d be gone to discuss things with the builders for some time. Apparently, they were the best new home builders offering service on the Mornington Peninsula, so they were very busy. Plenty of time to take stock of everything. There was definitely a lot to note, so she had better get started sooner rather than later.

As Rylee stood from the swing, a great groan sounded from the rusty bars. With a screech, the swing set collapsed into the dirt.

Rylee sighed and pulled out her notebook. Number one, she wrote, get a new swing set.