Still Here, Inventing

Everyone can talk about the family disbanding all they like. The goings on of the rest of them have never concerned me a great deal anyway; I’ve always been locked away in my lab, whether it was back home in Scotland or here in Australia. They want me to design more efficient tools, just as my father did, and his father, not to mention his mother. When it comes to creating convenient vessels to contain elemental spirits or custom-coloured smoke bombs, the whole clan is on board. 

I’ll be fine, whatever happens. I’ve been working on a few things of my own, bolstered by the innovations and materials in this country. For example, when it comes to companies servicing outboard motors, Melbourne seafarers may be interested to know that I’ve created a muffler that can dampen sound by up to 90%, depending on the model. Of course, my uncles wanted me to create such a thing so that they could complete their nightly fishing expeditions more efficiently, but I suppose that’s the kind of thing that could be commercially viable if it turns out that… well, that our activities shift in direction.

So long as I’m given materials and a dark, private room in which to engineer my inventions, I’m happy. If you held a fish hook to my neck and forced me to choose, I’d probably say that designing fishing rod holders is my preference, but I’m currently working on a little project to make anchor winches operate 60% faster. Just a little thing on the side, but I’m enjoying the challenge of unfamiliar technology. Yes, it’s for the purposes of stealth missions, but the applications are many. Melbourne anchor winch installers might be very interested in such a thing, if I can get it working.

I wonder if there’s also some sort of market in Australia for smoke bombs that explode in various fun shapes?